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Financial PlanningAre you financially prepared for your future?  Financial planning is about making sure that everything you have – your investments, retirement plans, insurance, and estate plans – are working to help you meet your life goals.

We believe a smart investment management plan begins with a comprehensive Financial Plan.  Knowing where you are is key to planning where you need to be – whether it’s planning for college, retirement, or a major purchase. At TFB WMS our financial planners evaluate all aspects of your finances, including your investments, debt, insurance, cash flow, taxes and estate plan.  This process uncovers areas of opportunity from which to establish long-term goals, and a plan to achieve them.

At TFB WMS, we know investing is personal, and smart investing starts with a plan.  We believe the primary driver of an investment portfolio’s performance is asset allocation, which defines the mix of stock, bonds and cash in a portfolio, and diversification.  Through our disciplined approach, we formulate a strategy and design an asset allocation plan that aligns with your investment objective, income needs, time horizon, and risk tolerance. But it doesn’t stop there – we continually monitor and rebalance your portfolio as market conditions change and your needs evolve, so the mix of assets in your account remains consistent with your objectives.

Investment Objectives

We will work together through the planning process to determine what your personal investment objective is.
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